The Breakfast Milkshake

Sometimes, I do try to be healthy. 

Not so long back I was at the gym 3/4 times a week and I ate my five a day, everyday. 

Things have slipped and I’ll be trying to sort out my lifestyle a bit over the next few months. 

Of course I will still live the foodie lifestyle.  After all food made with top quality ingredients is perfect for the health conscious.

So, first up is an old favourtie of mine; the The Breakfast Milkshake.

It’s easy to make; providing you have a blender.


Large glass (a pint?) of milk
One banana
10-12 small strawberries
1 tsp honey

Of course we’re all about quality ingredients so I’d use a locally produced milk.  With me being based in Sheffield I used Our Cow Molly milk.  Strawberries were from East Yorkshire and were deliciously sweet.  Banana was from wherever banana’s come from, but it’s needed to thicken the milkshake up.  Sheffield Honey provides the perfect touch of natural sweetness without making the shake sickly.

So, place the chopped up fruit in the blender along with the milk and honey.

Hit blend & give it 30 seconds or so, or just until everything is smooth.

Pour out and enjoy your healthy, but delicious breakfast.

Additions can include a handful of porridge oats and dried fruit to thicken it up further. 

What about you?  What’s your favourite milkshake combo?  Remember to try and keep it healthy!


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