London, Baby. Part One: Camden Market & The Chin Chin Labs

So after a hectic couple of months of dissertation writing and exams, how do you think I celebrated my freedom? Did I have a relaxing lie in, breakfast in bed and a day in front of the tv? No.  I was up at 7am to catch an early train to London.

Having said that we had an amazing time catching up with friends and cramming in as much culture (and food) as we could in two days. Saturday was a walk from my friend’s flat (which is pretty damn close to St Pancras), along the canal, though London zoo and towards Camden Market.

  • I got sunburned.
  • I got to see a zebra and 3 giraffes
  • I almost got run over by 16 cyclists (actually, I almost shoved 16 cyclists into the canal).
  • I finally got some exercise; something that has seriously been missing from my life.
  • I got to enjoy a couple of foodie treats at Camden Market.

Once at the market we fought our way through the tourists (does anyone else live in denial of being a tourist – regardless of where you visit?) and made our lunching choices. Some went for the Argentinian Steak sandwich (which was fab for £4.50 as it was tender, tasty and BLOODY!).  I went for a Turkish wrap stuffed with spinach, cheese and Turkish sausage.  It was delicious if a little difficult to eat due to its enormous size.

Dessert was courtesy of Chin Chin Labs which ‘is Europe’s first ever Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlour, blending haute cuisine with performance art in a celebration of gastronomic graphic design.’ The guys are very enthusiastic, happy to chat us through the process and are used to being photographed. First get your liquid nitrogen….

Mix it up with the ice cream mixture……

Then eat…..

The end result for me was BBQ pineapple flavoured ice-cream which was gorgeous.  Refreshing, yet creamy.  It was certainly worth the fight through the crowds.

We then went up to Primrose Hill to see the sights of London in one fell swoop…..

Once back down we found a pub and necked some well deserved pints. Check out the red tractor on this…..

 And Gav spotted some fancy car…..

Look out for Part Two!


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