Tamarind, Sheffield


I wasn’t sure about Tamarind thanks to two very conflicting reviews; one from Sheffield Star and the other from The Sheffield Telegraph. Twitter didn’t help either as conflicting opinions came rolling in. However, I had a Groupon voucher and, as I’d already paid for our meal (albeit at a reduced price), I was determined to give it a go.

I wasn’t planning on blogging about Tamarind (hence the incredibly short post), but given the conflicting reviews out there I thought I’d add my tuppence worth…

It’s alright. It’s not amazing, but it was fine. Service was perfectly pleasant and the food was fine. The highlights for me were the lime pickle (which appeared to be made in house as it had fat pieces of lime that didn’t make my face feel like it was about to disintegrate into itself on eating) and the cooking of the lamb.

We shared two curries, both lamb, one with chunks of the meat, the other with mince and they were tasty. They weren’t very spicy or hot, but they had flavour and the meat was soft and tender (chewy lamb is always a bit of a disappointment).

Gav rounded the meal off with ‘Indian ice-cream’, or gulab jamun and ice cream.

I suppose the real test is whether I would go back. Hmmm, well, no. I probably wouldn’t, but only because I already have my favourites for a decent curry and this place didn’t quite hit the spots that East and West & Dhanista’s do.

I think Sheffield Telegraph sum Tamarind up well… ‘A pleasant evening all round without being spectacular’ and I recommend it on the same basis.


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