Cheap Eats #7

Apologies for being a bit quiet on the whole cheap eats side of things. We were out for a lot of last week and we just ate out of the freezer on the nights we were in. However, I did manage to get do cooking the week before last.

This Moroccan Lamb Tagine was pretty dull to be honest. Given that I generally like to use neck of lamb (on the bone) when cooking this dish, I really didn’t like using mince instead. I also thought that the spicing was a bit bland. Having said this, it was easy enough to make and as I’d managed to source the mince from the reduced section, it wasn’t all that expensive, I just won’t bother doing it again!

In order to celebrate the return of HFW’s Three Good Things (a friend had borrowed it) I cooked up a couple of his soups for lunches. Parsnip, garlic and blue cheese soup was delicious. I particularly liked the use of roasted garlic and I was surprised at how well it complemented the blue cheese.

HFW’s Tomato and barley soup is something I’ve cooked before and I just love it. Not only is it stupidly easy and cheap to make (I haven’t bothered making the purée myself yet), it’s delicious. Better still it’s pretty versatile as I can turn it into a risotto style dish when reheating just by simmering some of the liquid off and stirring in some cheese.

I still have plenty of soups for the week ahead and I have plans for a beef and barley stew, a mushroom and spinach curry and a sausage, bean and bacon casserole. I’ll probably cook up a few more soups during the following week – do you have any recipe suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Cheap Eats #7

  1. Beef shin. Dirt cheap from Chris Beech's on South Rd, Walkley and just the job for everything from curry, chilli, tagines, casseroles, basic stews or the Nigerian Jollof I did last week. The Jollof included some King Prawns I bought from Castle Market, I got about 10 of them, huge buggers, for £2. Chris Beech also has pheasant, £4.50 each at the moment, oven ready and more than enough for two.

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