Competition Time – Old J Spiced Rum

It’s not often I hold competitions on this ‘ere blog, in fact I think I’ve only done one before. But this one is a bit of a beauty, so I had to agree to getting involved…
Organised by Old J, this is a cooking contest with a bit of a difference as I’ll be asking you to submit recipes using either their Old J Spiced Rum or their Old J Tiki Fire. I’m currently thinking BBQ ribs and rum truffles, but I’m sure there are more exciting recipe ideas out there!

Each recipe will be posted on this blog and I’ll set up a voting system so that my readers and Twitter followers can vote for their favourite. I will then pick the winning recipe and its author will win some lovely Old J goodies.
Pretty simple, aye? Well… it all gets a little more exciting as the winning recipe from this blog will then go up against others from across the country in the final held in Manchester (your travel costs will be covered by Old J so you can attend too). Your recipe will then be prepared and judged by Debbie Halls-Evans, winner of The Taste, and Dave Marsland, aka The Drinks Enthusiast.
Then… get this… the final winner will win dinner for two at Manchester House (that’s Aiden Byrne’s swanky new (ish) place, in case you didn’t know) along with travel and accommodation.
It all sounds rather exciting doesn’t it? Well, I certainly hope you want to get involved – if one of the recipes submitted here wins in the final, I get a trip to Manchester House too!
How to enter…
  • Send your recipe (along with a full list of ingredients and a method) to, along with a picture of the finished dish by Friday 26 September 2014. 
  • Your recipe will be posted on this blog within around 48 hours of receiving your email. Please note that I will not be editing/proofreading posts. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you may want to ensure that your recipe is clear and easy to follow.
  • Voting will close on Friday 3 October 2014. I will then choose the winning recipe and its author will be notified by email by Monday 8 October 2014.
  • All votes must be made using the poll set up on the blog. Any votes tweeted/emailed to me will not be counted. Please note that I will reserve the right to choose the winning recipe. 

Good luck!!

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