Seasonal Recipes – Courgettes

Ok, so we’re coming to the very end of the season for courgettes – but I was lucky enough to take delivery of the last 1.6 kg from my parents’ garden. And, whenever I have a fridge full of courgettes, I immediately look to this recipe for courgettes on toast (thanks again to @missstephwalker for recommending it to me).

Courgettes on Toast

It might not sound like the most exciting of teas, but courgettes on toast really does work well for a light midweek option. Sure it takes a while to cook, but it’s very easy. And I like that I can also use the mix as a pasta sauce (just add some of the pasta water whilst cooking to achieve the right consistency). I also like that I can pep it up a bit with chilli and lemon if I fancy.

Courgettes on Toast

Courgettes on Toast 

Courgettes on Toast

 So, tell me, what are your favourite courgette recipes?


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