Pot-roast pheasant with cider and bacon

A few weeks ago I spotted that Cod & Cockle were selling fresh pheasants and wild rabbits at a reasonable price. As I hadn’t cooked any game in a while I bought a couple of each for the freezer. I didn’t have any specific plans for them, so they’ve been sat in the deep freeze ever since. 

Finally, with Christmas on its way out, I fancied cooking one of the pheasants. So, last weekend a surplus of bacon (yes, I was surprised too) and a few bottles of rather nice Montano cider led me to defrosting one of the birds for this pot-roast pheasant recipe.

Aside from only using one bird (there were only two of us but I wanted the full amount of cabbage and sauce), skipping the sage (it’s not my favourite herb and I didn’t fancy forking out for a full pack) and sticking some pre-cooked slices of new potatoes in with the cabbage (I had some lurking around in the fridge), I followed the recipe to the letter.

It was relatively quick to prepare, and very easy. More importantly, it was bloody lovely! The pheasant was moist and tender, thanks to the pot roast method, and the cabbage, with its bacon and cream sauce, was delicious. Also, as I’d made the full amount of cabbage and sauce, there was plenty leftover for a wholesome lunch the next day. I just wonder whether it would have benefited from the addition of a little wholegrain mustard…

Sheffield Food Blog - Pot Roast Pheasant


Sheffield Food Blog - Pot Roast Pheasant

Got any suggestions for how I should cook the other one?


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