Bragazzi’s, Sheffield

There’s no doubting that going out for breakfast is one of life’s little luxuries (even if it is a full English in the local cafe). Now, I also quite like the indulgence of eating out alone… so when I found myself alone on Abbeydale Road one Saturday morning I was quite pleased that I’d not had chance to grab breakfast before leaving the house.

It was early for a Saturday (before 9), so a couple of places hadn’t opened yet. But, with bistro tables and chairs already set out on the pavement, Bragazzi’s was in full swing.
With a warm welcome and a bit of a tour around the day’s sandwiches – I was assured that a lunchtime sandwich made quite a breakfast when toasted – I was already feeling pretty special. 
And on finding an unoccupied green leather wingback chair in the corner of the cafe, I really began to enjoy the moment – the peace, the quiet and the fact that someone was preparing a sandwich and a coffee just for me. 
This is why eating alone is so indulgent… 

2015-03-28 09.04.06

A minute or two later my flat white appeared (yes, this is an Italian cafe, but I can’t resist the Kiwi classic). Smooth, yet flavoursome, it was a gentle hit to the start of the day.
I forget what was on my sandwich (the list was too long) but it was mostly mozzarella with a spicy tomato sauce – delicious.
Bliss… I was so happy that I even swore on twitter… and forgot the apostrophe…
For me, Bragazzi’s have totally hit the nail on the head. Friendly staff, early opening on a Saturday, warm and comfortable surroundings, efficient service and simple, but well executed, food. 
I was only there for twenty to thirty minutes or so (I had places to go, people to see etc), but I savoured every one of them. And with a bill of around £8 (to include some imported Italian pasta that I’d spotted in their deli section) I think my trip to Bragazzi’s was good value for money too.

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