Pub Crawls with Jezza

It’s been a while… sorry about that… but let’s not dwell on the issue as I have a new post for you all!

Inspired by a recent Exposed magazine post about dogs in Sheffield pubs, I decided it was time that I did a post on the subject too.

Our Jez is a retired racing greyhound which means he didn’t have a normal doggy upbringing and our house is the first house he’s ever lived in. And he’d certainly never been on a pub crawl!

 My husband and I decided to make it our mission to mould him into the perfect dog to take with us on a day out to the pub and we’ve pretty much succeeded. Once a quivering wreck in busy environments, Jez actually gets giddy whenever we tell him we’re going to the pub… and that he’s coming with us!


20150131_154038 (1)

Over the last 18 months or so that we’ve had him, we’ve sussed out how to make him as comfortable as possible in the pub. He’s a boney thing and he needs a bit of protection if he’s going to be sitting on hard floors all day so we take an old yoga mat for him to lie on. This also helps to keep him calm – it’s his bed and he knows to lie down on it when it comes out of the bag. We also take a load of treats, his food (in case we’re out for longer than expected – which we generally are) and a water bowl (which we tend to fill up with iced water – he just loves crunching on ice cubes!).

City Centre

Initially we weren’t sure that we’d ever be able to take him into town – it can get really busy and some of the pubs and bars seem unlikely places for dogs. But we’ve found some brilliant places and we regularly enjoy a pub crawl in town! These are the pubs and bars I can recommend to other dog owners…

The Great Gatsby
Yep, the busy party bar is dog friendly – I’d stick to the day time/mid-week evenings if I were you though!
The Rutland Arms
The carpet is always welcomed by Jezza’s boney arse and chef Rico sometimes has dog treats, such as pigs’ ears, on the menu.
The Sheffield Tap
Head of Steam
Devonshire Cat
Note that dogs are only allowed in the carpet free zones.
The Bath Hotel
The Red Deer

Kelham Island

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a pub down Kelham Island that doesn’t let dogs in, but these are our favourites.

Kelham Island Tavern
Gardener’s Rest
The Wellington

Out of Town

The Broadfield
The Cremorne
Hop Hideout
That’s right – not only can you drink in, but you can take your pooch in too!
Picture House Social
As long as your dog likes stairs (a lot of greyhounds don’t) then you’ll like PHS.
New Barrack Tavern
Wisewood Inn
Hallamshire House
The Closed Shop
Hillsborough Hotel
Beer Engine

Recommendations from others

The Greystones
Norfolk Arms
Sheaf View
The Blake Hotel

Can anyone recommend any more? Just let me know in the comments. Cheers!!


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