Horse and Jockey, Wadsley

After nine years of living in town, I was well and truly ready to get out to the suburbs. I needed a break and I needed a house, a garden and a window in my bathroom.

Sadly the move came with a massive compromise – there’s nowt better than an impromptu trip to one of my favourite pubs, bars or restaurants and, on moving to the suburbs, these were suddenly going to become a thing of the past.

Of course, things aren’t as bad as they first seemed and we’ve actually settled into Hillsborough quite nicely. It helps that I have a few friends here and that I know a few locals from walking the dog in the park. It also helps that we love the house, have fantastic neighbours and everyone’s really friendly.

And, in terms of going out, I’d still say that we’re doing ok. The New Barrack Tavern often has something interesting on the bar whilst the likes of The Rose & Crown, The Wadsley Jack and the Malin Bridge Inn are pretty reliable for a bit of pub grub and a Bradfield Blonde.

Food wise, we have a few friendly cafes, including Chocolatte (and their bistro evenings) and Et Voila (a quirky little French place), but I was recently sad to hear of the demise of Arusuvai and the threat of a Mexican/British/Indian/Chinese restaurant called Eat Meat (yes, seriously). Having said that a new addition, The Front Room (which is owned by the same guys behind the respectable Cutler’s Spice) looks promising – especially as they’ve started doing a street food lunch menu.

But, it’s another new addition that I want to shout out about right now as Stancill Brewery have taken over the Horse & Jockey on Wadsley Lane (around 15 minutes from my house). They’ve given the place a damn good scrub and opened it up as their tap. And they have beer. Lots of beer. Mostly at £2.50 a pint.

And they’ve already confirmed that they’re hoping to get a few guest beers in too.

Why not head to the official opening party on 29th July? With the promise of Nether Edge Pizza, live music and ‘craft kegs’, I reckon I’ll be there!

EDIT:- Sadly, due to a recent dog ban (yes really!) we won’t be frequenting The Horse & Jockey as much as we’d originally planned.


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