Choc Affair Hot Chocolates

Choc Affair – Hot Chocolate

Although I’m quite happy trying new flavours – and will often seek them out – I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to certain things. As a lot of you will already know, I’m very particular about a few traditional pasta dishes (mostly carbonara) and I’m not keen on anyone adding stuff to my cheese (why anyone would stick mango in a wensleydale is beyond me…).

But when I first saw the unusual flavour combinations used by Choc Affair, I was intrigued to try them. And, luckily for me, we stock them at Mr Pickles’, so I’ve managed to work my way through quite a few of the different flavours.

The lime and sea salt dark chocolate bar is my absolute favourite as it has a lot of the flavours I really like. Bitterness from the dark chocolate, zing from the lime and a good savoury saltiness too.

I’m also a fan of the orange and geranium. Given how floral this one is, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it, but I did. And I’ve bought bars of it time and time again – both as gifts and treats for myself.Choc Affair Hot Chocolates

So, when Choc Affair sent me some hot chocolate samples, I was very pleased to see that they’d included these two flavours, along with raspberry & rose, Colombian milk chocolate and salted caramel.

The hot chocolate is made up of shavings of the flavoured solid, so it has a lovely luxurious feel – and the flavour is true to the bars that I’ve tried.

So, on tasting, I wasn’t surprised to find that the lime and sea salt & orange and geranium came out as favourites.

Choc Affair Hot Chocolates

As well as using the chocolate for hot drinks, Choc Affair recommend making milkshakes with it. And I tried their method using the raspberry and rose. For me, the combination of the flavours, the milk and the ice cream was just too sweet, but I reckon I’d feel differently if it was made up as a hot drink.

Colombian milk chocolate was a good mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but I do feel a bit spoiled after trying so many different flavours. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just know that I’d plump for lime and sea salt over the simpler milk chocolate.

And the salted caramel? Well, believe it or not, it’s still in my cupboard. Not because I don’t want to try it or anything daft like that, but because I’m saving it for a rainy (bad) day.

Coz, I reckon it’d sort any bad day out – good and proper.


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