Going (part time) Vegan

Going (part time) Vegan

The problem with being a bit obsessed with food is that you start thinking about it all a bit too much And the upshot of all this thinking is that I’ve decided to give veganism a go.

Problem is… I chuffing love meat. I mean, like, I really love meat. I love planning meals around it, I love buying it, I love cooking it, I love eating it. The same goes for cheese. And butter.

So rather than become a fully fledged vegan, I’m going to cut out meat, fish, dairy, eggs and animal products in general (apart from local honey – our local beekeepers do a lot of work to help keep the bee population going and to cut honey out would, in my mind, have a detrimental effect on the bee population) for a few days a week. And I aim to lead a vegan lifestyle for 5 days a week.

And the other two? Well, I’ll be free to eat all the lovely things, BUT I’ll be trying my best to only eat decent stuff. And by decent, I mean, tasty, honest and, probably, but not necessarily, locally sourced stuff. I like to think I’ve eaten well over the past few years. All my meat is high welfare from Mr Pickles’, my milk is from free range cows at Our Cow Molly’s farm and I only buy organic, or at the very least free range, eggs.

But we would eat so much cheese that I just couldn’t justify the cost of the decent stuff and I now realise that we were just eating cheese for the sake of it. Crap, plastic, 2 for £3.50 stuff from the supermarket. Butter, yoghurt and cream would also come from the supermarket. And don’t get me started on the shit biscuits, chocolate bars and savoury snacks I would buy. Which is just ridiculous given that I actually care about the food I eat AND we have some excellent producers here in Sheffield and the rest of Yorkshire.

So, although I’m going to be significantly reducing my dependency on animal products, I’m hoping to actually spend more money with our local farmers and enjoy better produce when I do eat it.

I’m also hoping to feel healthier, try some new food (not too much vegan cheese though, eh?!) and learn a bit more about the vegan lifestyle.

Wish me luck!



This may be a fad. Many things are. And I am not promising anything.

We still have a lot of non vegan everyday items. We’re going to continue using these until they are used up – it wouldn’t feel right to throw these things away. Then we’ll replace them with vegan versions. For instance I have Thai curry paste and it has shrimp paste in it, but the choices are that we eat it, or we throw it away and I know which sits better with my conscience!

Eating out might be a bit of a struggle. I’m not a fan of fake meat – anything with an ingredients list that leaves me dazed and confused can keep the hell away – so I’ll most likely go for stuff that reads vegan and not worry too much about the details. So if something arrives and it looks like it’s got a bit yoghurt in the sauce, I’ll still eat it. I’m clearly not going to be a militant vegan and to pretend I was would be hypocritical.

I’m not going to worry too much about whether my beer and wine is vegan. Soz ‘ard.

(Photo sourced from Jez Timms via Upsplash)


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