Indian Spiced Pancakes with Potato and Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi)

As you may know, I’m on a bit of a mission to save some pennies in the kitchen and although I’m willing to compromise on some points (more veg and less meat), I am not willing to compromise on flavour. I’m lucky enough to have a decent stash of herbs and spices and it’s something that I’ve built up over the years, adding to it bit by bit, replacing each jar as the contents diminish or get a bit ‘past it’ and I know that I’ll never give this up. Because the easiest (and probably the cheapest) way to pep … Continue reading Indian Spiced Pancakes with Potato and Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi)

Indian Spiced Lamb and a Couple of Salads

I’ve had the book Smoke & Spice for a few months and even though it’s full of gorgeous sounding recipes (such as Lavender Salt Crusted Leg of Lamb, Matambre and Cajun Crispy Pork Belly) I hadn’t got round to cooking from it until today. And despite being tempted by some of the more interesting and special sounding recipes, I wanted something quick and simple. I also wanted something that didn’t involve any expensive ingredients, or rather, didn’t require any spices that I didn’t already have. Indian Spiced Lamb fit the bill perfectly. A mix of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, turmeric, paprika and … Continue reading Indian Spiced Lamb and a Couple of Salads

Grilled Red Masala Mackerel

Being the free range poultry and organically farmed salmon kinda girl that I am, I was simply over the moon when HFW declared that it was ‘OK’ for us to eat mackerel again. It is, quite simply, my favourite fish. Smoked or fresh, grilled or fried, I love the stuff, although I gather that a lot of people don’t, and I guess that’s because it has a very strong flavour. However, some people moan about mackerel being too fishy, but as it tastes unlike any other fish I have tasted I don’t really get this.  Anyhoo, I like it and … Continue reading Grilled Red Masala Mackerel