Fish Fragrant Aubergine

Since discovering proper ‘home-style’ Chinese food a few years ago I’ve been ever so slightly obsessed with fish fragrant aubergine. I can’t remember why the dish first appealed to me – it was probably because aubergine is one of my most favourite things in the world and also because it was listed with a big fat chilli symbol on the menu.  Whatever it was, I hope I wasn’t looking forward to a seafood dish! Coz, despite the name, there ain’t no fish in this dish. But there is pork. Quite a lot of pork actually. Which is quite funny coz … Continue reading Fish Fragrant Aubergine

Leg of Pork Slow Cooked in Vindaloo Spices

One of the best things about going to a butchers is that, even if you have no idea of what you want to cook, you’re still guaranteed to walk out with something precious for dinner. And yesterday a trip to Beeches of Walkley resulted in me purchasing a small joint of boned and rolled leg of pork. At the time I had no idea how I wanted to cook it – I just knew it was less than a fiver and it would be more than sufficient for our Sunday dinner.Later that evening, rather than trawl through my cook books, … Continue reading Leg of Pork Slow Cooked in Vindaloo Spices

Pulled Pork and Ribs feast

A few months ago I cooked for a group of friends and on tweeting about the menu and food prep I received a few requests for invites. Given I had 14 guests already (I know!!), I really wasn’t able to invite anyone else… which upset a few people… so much so that I ended up promising to do it again and invite them this time round.Despite the fact that I had a few foodies (blogging foodies at that) coming round, I didn’t stress over the menu too much. This was mainly because the menu had previously a) gone down well, … Continue reading Pulled Pork and Ribs feast