Seasonal Recipes – Courgettes

Ok, so we’re coming to the very end of the season for courgettes – but I was lucky enough to take delivery of the last 1.6 kg from my parents’ garden. And, whenever I have a fridge full of courgettes, I immediately look to this recipe for courgettes on toast (thanks again to @missstephwalker for recommending it to me). It might not sound like the most exciting of teas, but courgettes on toast really does work well for a light midweek option. Sure it takes a while to cook, but it’s very easy. And I like that I can also use the mix … Continue reading Seasonal Recipes – Courgettes

Wild Garlic

No such thing as a free lunch? Not the case if you like wild garlic. Not that the thought of eating a plate of wild garlic leaves really does it for me. But with a few extra store-cupboard ingredients that bag of foraged leaves can easily be transformed into a delicious meal.When Gav came home with a 300g bag of the stuff, my initial thoughts turned to risotto. But Gav fancied making some gnocchi and with a bag of potatoes lurking in the cupboard, I had to agree that was the way forward!He used the recipe on this website, but … Continue reading Wild Garlic

Indian Spiced Pancakes with Potato and Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi)

As you may know, I’m on a bit of a mission to save some pennies in the kitchen and although I’m willing to compromise on some points (more veg and less meat), I am not willing to compromise on flavour. I’m lucky enough to have a decent stash of herbs and spices and it’s something that I’ve built up over the years, adding to it bit by bit, replacing each jar as the contents diminish or get a bit ‘past it’ and I know that I’ll never give this up. Because the easiest (and probably the cheapest) way to pep … Continue reading Indian Spiced Pancakes with Potato and Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi)

Mac & Cheese bites with a Tomato and Paprika Dipping Sauce

My mum may not be the best cook in the world (and she will kill me for referring to her cooking skills again…), but she makes the best cheese based dishes ever; mac & cheese (or macaroni cheese as we called it in my day) and quiche being my favourites. The secret to her success? A shit load of cheese. There was none of this runny white sauce lark; my mum’s cheese sauce was so thick that we sliced into a macaroni cheese, rather than spooned it onto a plate. Quiche fillings were also so packed with cheese that I … Continue reading Mac & Cheese bites with a Tomato and Paprika Dipping Sauce

Beetroot and Feta Frittata

As part of my mission to save a few pennies, I’ve rediscovered the art of the packed lunch. Not that we’re talking any old packed lunch (my days of soggy sandwiches and a bag of crisps are long gone); instead we’re talking interesting, healthy(ish) and tasty meals. Salads are a current favourite, but I’m open to different ideas and when someone suggested quiche to me on Twitter recently I went one step further and went for a frittata. Last week I made an aubergine, sweet potato frittata which was bloody good, but quite faffy as I char-grilled slices of aubergine … Continue reading Beetroot and Feta Frittata