Long Live The Blog!

So, I’ve been rather busy recently (this work/life balance thing has gone a bit skewiff recently… in a good way…) which means I just don’t have time for the blog anymore (or the cleaning, gardening, painting…). And I’ve been pretty close to jacking it all in (the blog that is, not life!). I even talked about switching it over to Facebook where I could get away with posting shorter, simpler posts along with a few pics. But then I realised that I wouldn’t be able to search through my posts, that linking to them could be a bit trickier and that … Continue reading Long Live The Blog!

My Food Happy

Today I promised myself, and Twitter, that I would publish a post. See, a ridiculous amount of time has passed since my last post and I need to get back in the swing of things. Because I do enjoy writing and I do enjoy this blog… and I am on a mission to have a #Happy2015. So, I thought it would be quite fitting to write a post about happiness – something quite vague,  a bit waffly and easy going – something to ease me gently back into this ‘ere blogging lark. And, a couple of days ago, I got … Continue reading My Food Happy


I started 2014 full of confidence and excitement. I ended it in a state of confusion and anxiety. In some ways 2014 has been a bad year – in others it’s been tremendous. One thing that I am quite sure about is that I want to be happy. Sounds obvious right? Yes, but how many of us actually live our lives doing things that make us happy? I’m guessing a lot of us are stuck in the rut of doing things because we feel they’re the ‘right’ thing to do. Well, throughout 2015 I’m going to concentrate on being happy. My goals … Continue reading 2014

Competition Time – Old J Spiced Rum

It’s not often I hold competitions on this ‘ere blog, in fact I think I’ve only done one before. But this one is a bit of a beauty, so I had to agree to getting involved… Organised by Old J, this is a cooking contest with a bit of a difference as I’ll be asking you to submit recipes using either their Old J Spiced Rum or their Old J Tiki Fire. I’m currently thinking BBQ ribs and rum truffles, but I’m sure there are more exciting recipe ideas out there! Each recipe will be posted on this blog and I’ll set up a … Continue reading Competition Time – Old J Spiced Rum

Catch Up!

Ok, ok… I haven’t been amazing at keeping up with the blog lately. But I have been somewhat distracted by the whole prospect of moving house. Yep, your city loving, cocktail guzzling Sheffield food blogger is growing up and moving on. So long one bed city centre flat, hello 3 bed terraced in the suburbs!Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. You can’t beat the walk home after a night out, the clutter free and minimalist living or the cheap utility costs. But, all good things must come to an end and, after eight and a half years of living here, … Continue reading Catch Up!


Each New Year I tend to blog a round up of the last 12 months… a breakdown of what I did and what I ate each month. It’s never the most interesting of posts to write (or read) and it’s generally just a summary of the last 12 months of blog posts. So this year I’m going against tradition, breaking the mould and switching the format. See 2013 meant a bit more to me than a few fancy meals and I want to share a list of the most important things I have learned instead. Some are a bit deep, some … Continue reading 2013

Top 5 – Richard Brownhill

The latest Top 5 comes from Richard Brownhill who is both a beer and food lover; check out his beer blog here. In the meantime, his top 5 places to eat in Sheffield are below:  Gusto, Norfolk Row – A drop of real elegance in the Steel City, unbelievable food and slick service. The wine list is untouchable too. Whether its the lunchtime buzz or evening intimacy, this place really sets the bar. Easily my favourite.  Chichainn, Broomhill – A new addition, but so much more than your typical Chinese restaurant. Locally sourced meats and fish together with traditional cooking methods. Brilliant post-dinner … Continue reading Top 5 – Richard Brownhill

Top 5 – Josh Murray

Josh Murray provides his top five places to eat in Sheffield. Check them out below;  Marco at Milano – Great tasting, posh Italian food with great service. An out of town location means a taxi ride from the centre, but it’s worth the effort.  Silversmiths – Now a firm favourite of ours. Intimate restaurant that has found its feet and does great British food using local ingredients. Disclosure – I know Justin.  Artisan – Where we go if we want to get dressed up and have a special night out in Sheffield. Really good food, the service has always been great and they … Continue reading Top 5 – Josh Murray