Jack Monroe’s Best Ever Bolognese (or a rather good pasta sauce)

Ok, so I’m moving house, which means that I’m trying to save some pennies. And, whenever I’m trying to save pennies, the first thing to suffer is the food budget. Crazy, some might think, given how much I love food, but I personally like the challenge of making tasty and (relatively) healthy meals on a budget. The fact that I can also save us some money is a tremendous benefit.I don’t think I’m too bad at it either – I like a good bean casserole, curry or simple pasta dish. But it doesn’t hurt to look around to see what … Continue reading Jack Monroe’s Best Ever Bolognese (or a rather good pasta sauce)

Leftover roast chicken, pea and lemon risotto

I had quite a bit of chicken leftover from our dinner on Sunday and rather than just throw it into a curry I decided to split it, bag it up and stick it in the freezer until I knew what I wanted to do. And today I decided that some of it was destined for a risotto… Yes, yes, another risotto… but this time I wasn’t cooking. Gav’s much better at risottos than I am so I left him in charge of the kitchen. He followed this recipe which was easy enough and the end result was really tasty. The … Continue reading Leftover roast chicken, pea and lemon risotto

Roast chicken dinner

Roast chicken dinner. It ain’t the most complex of meals, but it can be one of the most delicious, in a homely and comforting way. Get lots of veggies on the plate and it’s healthy too. To be honest we don’t have roast chicken all that often, I will only buy free range and a whole chicken can be quite expensive (and large) just for the two of us. And yes, I know that we can get a few meals out of one chicken, but sometimes I just don’t have the time and well, sometimes, I just can’t be bothered … Continue reading Roast chicken dinner