Restaurant Mark Greenaway, Edinburgh

When planning my trip to Edinburgh I headed to Twitter for suggestions of where to dine and I think it was the chef of Losehill House who suggested I try Mark Greenaway’s restaurant. He sent me a link to this blog review which kind of sealed the deal for me and I booked us in for lunch on the Tuesday (annoyingly the last day of our holiday, which meant that we would have to set off home very shortly after eating, but it was the only time we were free). Although I was looking forward to eating at Mark Greenaway’s restaurant, … Continue reading Restaurant Mark Greenaway, Edinburgh

Angels with Bagpipes, Edinburgh

Angels with Bagpipes is in the Good Food Guide. The Good Food Guide is my second port of call for restaurant recommendations (following Twitter). Angles with Bagpipes has a lunch deal consisting of three courses for £15.95. So… today we ate at Angels with Bagpipes. Situated on the Royal Mile (say a 10 minute walk from the flat we’re staying in), AwB was ideally located as the bad weather (which had plagued us on Thursday) was threatening to return. It’s a smart restaurant located on a strip saturated with bland chains and traditional pubs serving up cheap grub. To find … Continue reading Angels with Bagpipes, Edinburgh

The Bon Vivant, Edinburgh

I have had the pleasure of eating at some pretty amazing places this weekend. Kitchin and Martin Wishart are probably well considered to be ‘the best’, but you won’t see me blogging about either of them. After all, what could I possibly say about either of them that hasn’t been said before? Yes, the food was excellent, yes I’m glad we dined at both of them, but aside from churning out the usual gushing crap, what else could I say? The whole thought of trying to be clever and trying to tell you about the complex food combinations and balancing acts simply scares … Continue reading The Bon Vivant, Edinburgh

The Dogs, Edinburgh

I had hoped to finish blogging Rome before heading off to Edinburgh, but sadly that was not to be. Despite having a few days off I just haven’t found the time to get any blogging done (although I did manage to get a rather exciting audio tour of Castle Market done for Exposed… look out for it… it’ll help anyone wanting to shop down there). Anyway, we are where we are, and I’m in Edinburgh. We got here for about 3pm but spent the first few hours getting the lock on our car fixed (as some gits had broken into … Continue reading The Dogs, Edinburgh