How to Spend a Weekend in Leeds

As I was born in Sheffield, but brought up close to Leeds, I have a soft spot for the capital of West Yorkshire and I like to spend time there when I can. So when I arranged a trip to meet up with Gary, or The Food Nut, and his girlfriend Clair for lunch, this trip quickly grew into a break away as I spotted a decent hotel deal and booked Gav and I in for the night. As we’ve visited a few times we already have a few favourite haunts and we could have spent the weekend reminiscing times gone by … Continue reading How to Spend a Weekend in Leeds

Anniversary Celebrations at Anthony’s

Anthony’s is renowned as being the best restaurant in Leeds, and one of the best in Yorkshire. Although there is no Michelin Star, it’s been in The Good Food Guide’s top 50 for the past three years and many will tell you The Good Food Guide is the new Michelin Star rating. It’s a family affair with dad, Anthony Flinn, running the show as managing director and son, Anthony Flinn Junior, running the kitchen as head chef. Both have worked in top restaurants across the world, including the much acclaimed El Bulli. Now the pair are settled in Leeds and … Continue reading Anniversary Celebrations at Anthony’s

Gotta Love Leeds Too – Part One

Although I was born in Sheffield and have spent all of my adult life here, I was actually raised in a small town outside Wakefield. So, for a long time, Leeds was the only city I knew. As kids, I & my friends would take the odd trip to Leeds. We didn’t go too often; the bus took about an hour and it wasn’t exactly the cheapest place to be. But I liked what I saw. Moving to Sheffield in 1998 to go to uni, I had a bit of shock. I had expected another Leeds but I didn’t find … Continue reading Gotta Love Leeds Too – Part One